What are the CCI

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FACTORÍA is aimed at every sector inside the cultural and creative industries.

Unesco defines (2009) cultural industries as follows:

Those areas of social and economic activity that are premised on –or closely allied with- a)individual or collective intellectual or artistic creativity, innovation and originality and or b) the preservation, teaching and celebration of cultural heritage and which have the capacity to provide work and generate income for the original creators as well as for others involved in education and training, production, distribution, documentation and support for creative products or cultural experiences, whether in a not-for-profit capacity or for commercial gain.

Nowadays, all the sectors of the CCI´s represent the 4% of Spanish PIB and generate 750.000 jobs:

Architecture and design architecture, product design, fashion and jewellery, interior and exhibition design, graphic design, advertising.

Performing arts actors, theatre, dance, circus, puppetry, theatre production, festivals.

Visual arts painting, sculpture, photography, audiovisual and multimedia, cinema, producers, post-production and radio.

Development and implementation of technology Digital design, computer games, 2D/3D.

Publishing writers, editors, translators, journalists, archives, libraries, illustration and bookbinding.

Cultural heritage gastronomy, craftmaking and toys.

Music musicians, performers, music management, promoters, producers, music postproduction and festival organization.

Cultural management services cultural agents, curators, museum management, arts and heritage centres, preservation, marketing and PR companies, event consultancy and organization, staging of events and exhibitions. 

And all the other industries which help support the various areas of production within the CCI.