Live STREAM "Scratch" - July 14th, 9.30PM



Alltheater is a streaming service for performing and dramatic arts that generates profits from users on demand and advertising. A specialized search and dissemination platform for contemporary  theater positioned as one of the first theater catalogues in Europe broadcasting on demand and  using 360º recordings. In addition, Alltheater is a digital window for theater companies all over the world to present their performances to users who could otherwise not access them.

All you need is an Internet connection. Select a play from 1,50 € for 48 hours.

Theater lovers will be able to rent and enjoy a wide range of selected national and international theater pieces, on demand, without advertising, and at a very reasonable price.

Get your play on Alltheater. Anticipate your audience’s demand and showcase your productions worldwide.

Theater companies all over the world can obtain profit from their productions at Alltheater by reaching a global audience without having to sell the rights to their plays.

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