Full development

Desarrollo integral

FACTORÍA wants to facilitate the access to a training that will contribute to the development of the idea or project, from its conception to its implantation and sustainability in national and international markets.

With that aim, we have developed an innovative and measurable programme, based on the culture of meeting set objectives.

Full development

The full development of the project or idea goes through three phases, each one of them with defined objectives and which fulfilment will be monitored by a mentor, personally dedicated to the project.

Depending on the state of development of the entrepreneurship project, it could access to any of the following phases:


Duration: From 3 to 6 months

First phase of development, designed for those ideas and projects that do not have a business plan drawn up.

This phase includes access to the course given by the SECOT School of Entrepreneurship (ESEMP), and it will be based on the Business Plan Seminar, designed to offer professional help in order to develop the idea into a sustainable business plan.


Duration: From 3 months to 2 years

This second phase includes the development of the business project, based on the established business plan. This phase will be monitored by a mentor from the SECOT School of Entrepreneurship (ESEMP), who will establish the objectives according to the needs and particularities of each project.


Duration: From 3 months to 2 years

This phase supports already-active businesses, and it will deal with issues related with not only domestic and international markets, but also networking and marketing campaigns.

Advising services

In order to strengthen the support to entrepreneurship projects, Factoría Cultural offers the entrepreneurs a series of complete advising services through their whole stay.


Each project will be assigned a mentor who will ‘accompany’ them throughout the whole entrepreneurship process. The mentor is an experienced person with relevant knowledge, and he/she will put together a formal programme oriented to meeting set objectives, as well as professional development. The mentoring will take place either in person or virtually and will be coordinated by SECOT.

Business advice

Considering the structural needs of new businesses: structuring the business, marketing and PR plans.

Programme coordinated by SECOT.

Intellectual and industrial property

Specific advice for the ICC, regarding copyright, design, patents, know-how, branding.

Legal advice

Consultancy regarding labour, market and financial by-laws.

Programme coordinated by:

Accounting advice

Subsidised services, and grants.
Programme coordinated by Attest.

Fundraising advice

Consultancy and structured information about different ways of funding projects. It is a service for future development of the resident entrepreneurs’ projects in the Factoría Cultural, in association with Madrid Emprende, the IESE network of Business Angels, and others.

Programme coordinated by FACTORÍA.